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Until we can figure out how to use the Blog feature of this site, check out the pictures of the puppies on our FACEBOOK page

Tia and Boris Litter C

 I had hoped to use this blog to post pictures of the puppies as they grew, but sadly is not exactly user friendly and seems to experience a lot of glitches with regard to the use of their blog sites.   I am not really web builder savvy, but I'm not an idiot either.  They lost about 5 hours of my work, and so we will just build from here.   We have two litters... Tia and Boris, born 12/31/2011 and Suni and Boris born 1/19/2011.   I will be setting up a facebook page and add the link on this site so you can view pictures regularly as they grow.  They will soon be ready for their forever homes.  

Tia and Boris Frr-Babes

Click here to see some cute pics of the puppies born 12/31/2011...   Happy New Year!

Tia and Boris have a new litter 12/31/2011