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 I Our Bolonka Family
My Darling Illya joined our Frr-Family in Spring, 2011.  Illya and Natasha arrived together from Idaho.  These cute furry "twinnies" grew up together and are the junior members of our household.  Illya has an affinity for our Frr-Babies.  A little guy himself when Mischa and Boris became parents to Frr-Babies' Jake and Frr-Babies' Cosmo, Illya became the surrogate "big bro" to the boys.  Illya likes to visit the puppies and enjoys playing with them when they are little.  Unlike Boris, who is your typical Ward Cleaver type of Dad, Illya enjoys a romp with the little ones, and frequently seeks them out for a game of tug of war. 

Ask anyone if their Bolonka can "talk" and you will have story after story recounted their talking dog.  Illya is the most vocal of all of my Frr-Babies.   Quite the complainer, Illya makes his feelings well known.  Tori and Alex are witnesses to the extended conversations that I have with Illya when we have a difference of opinion.  His tenacity in stating and defending his position reminds me of another adorable little boy that I raised... Alex........My_Darling_Illya

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