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We have known for a long time that people who have dogs live healthier lifestyles.  Studies show that people with dogs have less incidents of depression, lower blood pressure,lower cholesterol levels, and fewer heart attacks.   People over 65 with pets visit their physicians about 30% less than those seniors without the benefit of a loving companion.  Those loving "lup lups" raise serotonin and dopamine levels, giving us all that "feeling good" feeling.

However, young mothers with little ones may be concerned about having a "germy puppy" snuggling up to your little bundle of joy.  GOOD NEWS!! 

In the June, 2012 journal, Pediatrics, results of new research shows that children living in a home with a Frr-Baby are significantly HEALTHIER than those living in a home without the benefit of a loving Frr-Baby (or some other dog too, I guess).   Children living in families with Frr-Babies and other canines had fewer respiratory tract infections, less frequent ear infections, and needed few courses of antibiotics than those poor little kiddos without the benefit of a canine sibling.  (I am pretty sure that the researchers did not limit their research to only Frr-Babies, but included other canines in their study as well.. although I cannot figure out why!!)


So young mothers, your baby NEEDS a Frr-Baby!!

Just in case the FDA is watching:  
DISCLAIMER: we are not suggesting that Frr-Babies are actual MEDICINE.  Just a wonderful natural supplement!!

 Cyber-Monday Week Special.  10% off the Adoption Fee for Pet Registration through Dec.5
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