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Frr-Babies for Christmas
Cyber-Monday Week Special for Christmas Puppies
We have Frr-Babies ready for Christmas.  Just let Santa know where to deliver.

Current Frr-Babies owners who have purchased a puppy from us are entitled to special pricing.  Contact me directly.
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Frr-Babies come with a consumer warning:

Bolonkas are like potato chips....

Nobody can have just ONE!!!!

I think it is only fair that I warn you before you go any further.  After returning from my trip to Russia, I was trying to decide if I wanted the responsibility of ONE puppy, when I found Boris.  That little scamp was such a charming fellow that shortly I added Suni (Oksana) and Mischa.  Then along came Biff and Jake, then Tatyana (Tia) and Natasha (Tash), and Illya..... and now Petra. 

My friends call me Octo-Mom and the "kids" The POTATO CHIPS.  

Any day now, I expect to see the cast and crew of Animal Hoarders pull up in my driveway and ring the doorbell.  Now, should that happen, I want to be sure that I have a whole lot of support from my extended Frr-Babies Family......

So, if you are a previous Frr-Babies customer, and have previously purchased a Frr-Baby... you are entitled to special pricing on future purchases of Frr-Babies.  

No, I am not being altruistic, and this isn't some grand marketing scheme.   I just want to know that if I am going to be featured on Reality TV, I am gonna have some good company!!!

All kidding aside, if you have purchased a Frr-Baby in the past, and want to add to your Frr-Baby family, contact me directly.  Special pricing (10% discount) and terms and conditions (for you, not to be sold or purchased for another person) will apply. 

Just another reminder to our Frr-Babies family.  Please visit out Facebook page and post pictures and stories about your Frr-Babies.  

 Cyber-Monday Week Special.  10% off the Adoption Fee for Pet Registration through Dec.5
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