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 Thank you for your interest in our Frr-Babies.  You are almost there in the adoption process.   When you have reviewed this page, click the link to move forward in the process.

When you have completed the Contract Agreement, go to the following site to make your puppy deposit:
The following agreement is between Frr-Babies and Sandra Atkinson and the purchaser for the purchase of one purebred puppy dog of the Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka Breed.  
Once the purchaser has decided upon the purchase of a puppy, a deposit of $250 is required to hold the selected puppy.  Frr-Babies accepts PayPal and all major credit cards.  Other financial arrangements will need to be arranged between Frr-Babies and the purchaser.  

When the puppy is 8 weeks of age, the balance of the payment for the price of the puppy is due.  Upon receipt of the balance of the price of the puppy, Frr-Babies will work with the purchaser to arrange for the safe delivery of your new family member.


Puppy deposits on existing litters of puppies are not refundable.  If  the purchaser is unable to move forward with the purchase of a puppy from an existing litter, Frr-Babies will be released from the obligation to hold this puppy for you, and may sell this puppy to another customer.  Your puppy deposit will remain available for you to use toward the purchase of a future puppy.  You will have up to 3 years to complete the transaction.

If you are making a puppy deposit for a puppy from an anticipated litter, and you do not find a puppy that is suitable, Frr-Babies will refund to you the entire puppy deposit at your request.

If a puppy deposit is received for a puppy, and this puppy is found to be not suitable for sale, Frr-Babies will offer the purchaser the option of replacing this puppy with another puppy from a current or future litter, or refunding your puppy deposit.

The puppy, unless otherwise specified, is being sold as a pet with limited registration.  Should the puppy develop any congenital medical disorder during the first 12 months of life, the Seller will, upon provision of veterinary reports, provide Buyer with the option of returning the puppy and replacing the puppy with one of equal value, or providing the buyer with an additional puppy of equal value upon documentation that the original puppy has been neutered.  Should the buyer elect to return the puppy, the puppy will be placed in a pet home.  The buyer holds harmless the seller for any incurred medical expenses for a puppy with a genetic defect beyond the first evaluation by the veterinarian.

The seller will provide at the time of sale a medical certification of health by a veterinarian.  Seller will be responsible for obtaining, within 3 days of the receipt of the puppy, an evaluation by a veterinarian assuring that the puppy is fit for sale.  If a medical condition is detected within this time frame, the seller will, at the buyer's discretion, replace the puppy or allow for the return of the puppy to the seller and the full refund of the purchaser's money.  Frr-Babies is not liable for long term medical care, treatment or extraordinary measures if these are elected by the purchaser. 

The purchaser agrees that, if for any reason they are unable to keep puppy, they guarantee the Seller the first right of refusal to reclaim the puppy at no charge.  Seller may agree to have puppy placed in a new home previously approved by seller.   Under no circumstances is puppy to be transferred to another owner without the consent of the seller. 
The purchaser will be responsible for shipping costs.   We use Delta for our shipping needs.  Shipping is arranged for the USA, and puppy's who need to be shipped will be sent COD.  The purchaser may make other arrangements for shipping at their discretion.  Other arrangements should be coordinated between the purchaser and the shipping agent.  We will cooperate with local drop off or pick up.

The purchaser agrees that they will love, care for, and otherwise be responsible for this precious Frr-Baby that is being transferred to their care.   If you are in agreement with this, please click here:   Frr-Babies Contract Agreement

 Cyber-Monday Week Special.  10% off the Adoption Fee for Pet Registration through Dec.5
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