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As a responsible pet parent, and an informed consumer, learning about the "birth family" of your Frr-Baby is important.  The internet is a fabulous tool that allows us to connect with people far from our local area. But, like everything else, there are pros and cons to dealing with a virtual business.

One of my (satisfied BTW) customers shared with me the concern her son had when he learned she had purchased a puppy from a website.  He was very happy and surprised to see the puppy, as adorable as promised, had actually arrive as scheduled.  

While talking about Frr-Babies in a waiting room with one of my patients, another patient chimed in with her "horror story".  She had ordered a toy puppy through a website, prepaid for the puppy, and the puppy never showed up.

I get it guys!  Mischa and Suni came from Prague.. that is a whole other COUNTRY.  I was terrified that I would lose my money and get no puppies.. and then what do you do.  And scams go both ways.  I can't tell you how many calls I have received wanting to purchase a puppy, but asking me to cash a large check and send the money for "shipping" to some Western Union address.  (Things that make you go Hmmmmm.....)  

Fortunately, there are still good folks out there.   Frr-Babies is owned and operated by a family of good folks.

My name is Sandra (Sandee) Atkinson.  

Sandee_in_RussiaI am a Savannah, Georgia girl, born and raised.   I currently live on Kalapotapoo Farms in Rincon, Georgia. kalapotapoo_for_frr-babies


In my "Day Job", I own a small Disability Case Management Company called Access Case Management.  I spend my days helping individual who have disabilities become medically stable and re-enter the world. Access Case Management is a C -Corp registered with the Georgia Secretary of State.  Access has been in business for 12 years and continues to survive and keep my my Frr-Babies and me in kibble.   

My son Alex, and daughter, Tori, are involved in both Access and Frr-Babies. 1_tori_and_alex

Tori is married to Remi (Ryan) Sullivan.  They are currently living in Irvine, CA.  (Tori come home)  Alex and his fiance, Heather Hayes will be married in October, 2012.  They live in Savannah, GA.

My sister, Carol Olson, lives in Kennesaw, GA, and is one of the principal dentists in Kennesaw Dental Associates.  She helps me with the Frr-Babies project.


My nephew, Garrett, is a student at Kennesaw State University. 
 My niece, Ivey is a high school student.


Frr-Babies and Kalapotapoo Farms welcomes and encourages visits from potential pet parents.  Rincon, Georgia is a part of the Savannah MSA.  My house is a 15 minute ride from the airport.  Ya'll come, and, if you're lucky, you might get some of our famous "sweet tea".

Bottom line is.. we are good folks.  Our family has built their businesses on living up to their word and providing good quality service.  At Frr-Babies, we are continuing this tradition.  You can depend on us!!

 Cyber-Monday Week Special.  10% off the Adoption Fee for Pet Registration through Dec.5
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